Harbour to Headwaters


There are at least 65 significant barriers to migratory species such as Salmon, Lamprey, Eels, and Sea Trout in the Avoca River Catchment. Removing or mitigating barriers can increase the habitat for fish allowing access to upper reaches of the catchment for spawning.

Heritage Information

Ballinglen Bridge was built around 1780 from locally sourced field rubble and is faced with Aughrim Granite. It has twin semi-circular arches that span across the River Derry Water which is an important heritage protected structure.

Feature Creature: Mayfly

Mayfly Biodiversity Species Profile

Mayfly are identified by their 3-tails, and 6 legs with certain species used indicators of good water quality, as they are sensitive to pollution. Bio-monitoring our river species can indicate the health of the river ecosystem.

Meetings of the Water

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