The Breaches

The coast of Co. Wicklow from Kilcoole south to Wicklow Town forms the largest coastal wetland complex on the east coast of Ireland. The beach and marsh at Kilcoole are at the northern end of this feature, situated between Bray and Wicklow and immediately north of Six-Mile-Point. A number of streams flow in to the marsh forming channels, before converging and cutting through the shingle bank and entering the Irish Sea at The Breaches. This cut in the bank also permits the tide to enter the marsh and a number of embankments have been constructed at various places around the marsh to attempt reduce the chances of flooding.

The area is a wonderful mix of coastal salt marsh, tidal channels, reed beds, farmland, low sand hills and beach bordered by a narrow dune strip and shingle ridge, which carries the main Dublin to Wexford rail line. The village of Kilcoole is about 1 mile inland.

Meetings of the Water

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