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Laragh is a fulcrum point for the joining of upland rivers of Glenealo, Glendassan, and Glenmacnass Rivers into the Avonmore River. Locally, the Glendalough Valley (‘Gleann dá Loch’ – the valley of the two lakes), is a classic example of a U-shaped valley carved out during glaciation.

Heritage Information

Situated at the epicentre of County Wicklow, Laragh has always been an import hub as roads from here fan out to connect the north of the county with the south, the east with the west. Laragh derives from the Irish word ‘ladharach’ which simply means ‘site’ often referring to ruins of buildings.

Feature Creature: Stonefly

Stonefly Biodiversity Species Profile

Stonefly are particularly sensitive to elevated organic pollution and, owing to their high oxygen requirement, they are one of the first species to disappear when organic pollution occurs in rivers and lakes. Hence, are indicators of Good / High Water Quality conditions.

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