Avoca Catchment

The Avoca catchment drains most of the Wicklow Mountain area and is the largest river system in east Wicklow. The Avonmore River rises to the south of the Sally Gap, flowing through Lough Tay and then Lough Dan, continuing south where it is met at Laragh by the Glenmacnass, Glendasan and Glenealo Rivers. The Turlough Hill pumped storage hydroelectric generating station is situated on the headwaters of the Glendasan River. The Avonmore continues south through Rathdrum to the Meeting of the Waters where the Avonbeg River joins. Now called the Avoca River, it continues past its namesake town to Woodenbridge where the Aughrim River flows in. This tributary is the combined outflow from the Ow River and Derry Water. Downstream of Woodenbridge, the Avoca River flows through a flat-floored, steeply-sided valley before becoming tidal just upstream of Arklow Town, through which it flows before it makes it way to the sea via Arklow Harbour.

Water bodies in the Avoca Catchment:

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Meetings of the Water

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