Avoca River

The Avoca (Irish: Abhainn Abhóca) flows 56.3 km and begins life as two rivers, the Avonmore (Irish: Abhainn Mhór, meaning “Big River”) and the Avonbeg (Irish: Abhainn Bheag, meaning “Small River”). These join together at a spot called the Meeting of the Waters (Cumar an dá Uisce) in the Vale of Avoca. The village of Avoca is situated on the river.

The Avoca flows into the Irish Sea at Arklow where it widens into a large estuary, giving Arklow its Irish language name an t-Inbhear Mór (the big inlet).

The long term average flow rate of the Avoca is 20.2 cubic metres per second (m3/s).

Due to a 200-year history of mining in the area, the Avoca River is one of the most polluted rivers in the county.

Tributaries of the Avoca:

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Meetings of the Water

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