South Wicklow Coastal Streams

Between Wicklow and Arklow Towns (where the River Vartry and River Avoca discharge into the sea respectively) there are a number of small rivers and coastal streams who all hold great ecological significance in their own right.

The most notable of these are:

  • Three Mile Water, which discharges to the sea at Magherabeg beach
  • Potters River, which discharges to the sea north of the Northern car park at Brittas Bay beach
  • Redcross River, which discharges at the south end of Brittas Bay beach
  • Templerainy Stream, which discharges just to the north of Arklow town

In the second cycle (2018-2021) of the river basin management plan the Three Mile Water and Potters Rivers have been designated as priority areas for action. This means that these rivers have been identified as failing water quality standards and are in need of urgent action to identify and remediate any issues.

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