Harbour to Headwaters


Monitoring water quality is a way of checking the health of a river. The water quality of Avoca-Avonmore River catchment is monitored across 37 distinct locations. Visit www.catchments.ie to see local water quality data, maps and much more 


Heritage Information

The Woodenbridge Hotel is known to be the oldest hotel in Ireland! Established in 1608 it was originally a Coaching Inn on the old Dublin-Wexford highway. Famous guests include Éamonn de Valera and Michael Collins.

Feature Creature: Salmon

Salmon Biodiversity Species Profile

A female Salmon can carry more than 4,000 eggs before she finds a suitable spawning location in the headwaters of a river!

Young Salmon develop for 1-4 years before they become ‘smolts’ and migrate out to sea in spring. Adult Salmon feed at Sea from 1-3 years but then return to the native river where they were born to spawn over winter.

Meetings of the Water

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