Harbour to Headwaters

Avonmore Way

Our rivers, lakes and streams are precious freshwater habitats that we should cherish and protect. Spending time in nature along our natural waters can have positive health effects, such as reduce blood pressure and reduce stress.


Heritage Information

The Avonmore Way is a beautiful 12km woodland trail between Rathdrum and Trooperstown, near Laragh. The highlights of the walk include passing through stunning views of the Wicklow Mountains, winding through the beautiful Clara Vale Nature Reserve, and crossing the stunning Avonmore River on Samuel Hayes Bridge.

Feature Creature: Sessile Oak

Sessile Oak Biodiversity Species Profile

The Sessile Oak is one of Irelands two native Oak species and it can live over 900 years! Its broad canopy can reach up to 40 metres in height, and it supports more biodiversity than any other native tree. For instance, its acorns are eaten by several birds and mammals, including the Badger and Red Squirrel.

Meetings of the Water

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