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The quality of the river environment is so important to the wellbeing and survival of fish species and other aquatic life. 

Water quality is a measure of the health of a river, and is monitored with three main parameters – physical, biological, and chemical conditions. All our rivers should be protected and restored to at least ‘Good Water Quality Status’ to preserve our local wildlife.

Heritage Information

In the wake of the 1798 Rebellion, the British government decided to build a ‘Military Road’ into the heart of the Wicklow Mountains, to root out the last vestige of resistance to their rule in Ireland. Along the route were five military barracks, one of which was constructed here by Drumgoff Bridge. Their main target was a group under the leadership of Michael Dwyer.

Feature Creature: Goosander

Goosander Biodiversity Species Profile

The Goosander is one of Irelands rarest breeding ducks and currently only breeds in Counties Wicklow and Donegal. The Goosander is an unusual type of duck as they sport a long, thin bill lined with sharp ‘teeth’ which they use for catching fish and unlike most ducks, they nest in trees in a natural cavity or a nest box.

Meetings of the Water

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