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Water Quality can be impacted by nutrient losses from land. The physical and chemical make-up of a soil has an overriding influence on the volume of nutrients lost to water. Heavier and poorly draining soils cause water run-off (overland flow) and results in phosphorus pollution in rivers, while free draining soils can enable surplus nitrogen to easily leach down into groundwaters.

Heritage Information

The town of Rathdrum stands in the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains. Ancient tradition maintains that Rathdrum was once the site of a hill fort, strategically placed to control the gateway to the mountains and the river crossings. Its most famous son was undoubtedly Charles Stewart Parnell (1845-1891) whose home was in Avondale House, just 2 km from Rathdrum town centre.

Feature Creature: Swift

Swift Biodiversity Species Profile

The Swift spends virtually all of its life airborne and is one of Irelands fastest flying birds. It is a migratory bird which winters in tropical Africa and arrives in Ireland from the end of April onwards to breed, before departing again by mid-August. They nest in spaces in buildings and return to the same breeding site each year.

Meetings of the Water

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